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Brampton Limo Service

The busy city of Brampton , third largest in  the Greater Toronto Area, and 11th largest city in Canada , has a population of 434,000. With such a huge number of residents there is much to do and see. One way of getting to see the city while relaxing is to hire one of our modern, chauffeur-driven limos. Imagine driving about the city being able to look at all the attractions without the worry of driving. What a treat that would be.

For the theatre fans in the area, there is the Flower City Theatre Festival ( Brampton was once called the “ Flower City ”), which is very popular. Celebrating Arts and Culture through July and August, there is a Thursday Lunch Concert Series,  a Friday Night Concert Series, Patio Entertainment, and the Farmers Market Saturday Entertainment. There are films on Tuesday and Saturday nights at 9 PM.

With the traffic congestion that sometimes takes place at these venues, it would be wise to hire one of our modern, sleek, Brampton Limousines to take care of your driving and parking needs. We are proud of our staff of licensed, courteous limo chauffeurs who will see to your every need.

There is also a Filipino Festival and the Brampton Latin Festival, both of which bring many outsiders into the city. Parking can be difficult, if not impossible at some of these venues. And that's where our excellent Limo Service can come to the rescue. Our seasoned drivers know the streets of the city well, and should you start to be held up in traffic they will choose an alternate route guaranteed to get you to your destination on time.

Other attractions available in Brampton include the Artway Gallery, The Peel Heritage Complex; the Brampton Historical Society; the Great War Flying Museum ; the Korean Veterans Wall of Remembrance, and the South Fletchers Sportsplex. All of these events are well attended and the driving and parking can be a headache. Not for our Limo Service, however. We are trained to give safe and comfortable service at all times.

When you and some friends decide to take in one or more of these fine attractions that Brampton offers, your next step should be to give us a call. Our friendly staff will explain about hiring a car for the evening. It is simple and straightforward, and when sharing the ride with others the cost is less for you. All good reasons to think of our licensed chauffeur-driven limos when such an event occurs.

The Rose Theatre is another place that is popular with the residents of Brampton and their guests. The Theatre runs a fall and winter series with great live entertainment such as Andrea  Martin, B.J.Thomas, Colin Mochrie and Andre-Phillipe Gagnon. There is something to please all tastes and ages. Choose our limo service to get you there and back, without all the hassle of traffic and lack of parking spaces. There is so much to enjoy in Brampton , and our safe, courteous, Brampton Limo Service makes it even more so.