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Hiring a Barrie Limo Service
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Barrie Limo Service

Located in Southern Ontario, the city of Barrie is nestled along the western shore of Lake Simcoe. As part of the Greater Golden Horseshow, Barrie is situated only 90 km from Toronto, giving residents and visitors easy access to numerous events, activities and amenities. While Toronto is only about an hour’s drive away, there is still ample to do in the city of Barrie itself. In fact, Barrie is actually one of the most rapidly growing cities in the entire country. This expansion is primarily due to the number of Canadians relocating to Barrie for technological and economic opportunities.

As a result of this expansion, the urban area in Barrie has been significantly expanded. Tourism is now an important part of Barrie’s local economy. The waterfront and downtown lie at the heart of the Barrie tourism industry. Visitors can browse numerous boutiques and specialty shops or relax in one of the restaurants and pubs located downtown. The nightlife scene is also quite active in Barrie, as are the indie-music, theatre and art scenes. One of the best ways to enjoy the wealth of culture in Barrie is through a Barrie limo service.

Navigating your way around a new town can be difficult, especially when you simply want to enjoy the sights. Hiring a Barrie limo service ensures you are able to do just that. There is no need to map out your journey, or be concerned you will get lost. Your professional limo driver will have you at your final destination in moments.