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Enjoy the Local Culture with our Kitchener Limo Service
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Kitchener Limo Service

Located in Southern Ontario, the city of Kitchener is one of the largest cities in the local area. Immigration to the area increased at a significant rate during the 1800s, particularly as a result of German immigrants. Due to that strong immigrant influence, visitors will find there are numerous German inspired activities to enjoy in the local area.

One of those events is the Kitchener-Waterloo Oktoberfest. This is a nine-day event held during the month of October. It is sometimes referred to as the greatest Bavarian festival in not only Canada, but in the world other than Germany. Among the best-known attractions in the festival are the beer-based celebrations. There are also numerous cultural and family events during the festival, including a parade and Miss Oktoberfest pageant. While Oktoberfest is certainly one of the more well-known events in Kitchener, there are also many other attractions to enjoy, including The Open Ears Festival, the Multicultural Festival, KidsPark, and the Homer Watson House & Gallery. The Kitchener Blues Festival, which lasts four days, offers dozens of performances and is completely dedicated to blues music. Taking our Kitchener limo service is a wonderful way to see all of these attractions and more in complete luxury and style.

Our Kitchener limo service is available to book for any private event or occasion. Many people think of a special event such as a wedding or bachelor/bachelorette party when they think of a limo service, but this type of service can also provide benefits for many other occasions and events. Coming to Kitchener for pleasure or business? Hire our limo service to see the local area without worrying about driving yourself. Need to entertain clients when they come to town? Have one of our limos pick them up at the airport.