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Prom Limo ServiceMany teens are sticking with the time-honored tradition of renting a limo for their prom night, homecoming dance or other special school dances and events. The days of trying to outdo each other with bigger transportation, as was the case in many schools in the 90's, seems to be over.

A young man could ask his date what her dress is like or depending on what they each prefer, they could rent a traditional, old-fashioned looking Rolls Royce limo. This would be classic and stylish for a Prom or any type of school dance. These types of limos typically seat the couple in the back and a driver in the front. Some of them are a bit larger and could accommodate two couples and the driver.

Some younger people like to pool their money and get a larger ride such as one of the stretch Hummers H2 to take as many friends as they can to and from the dance. Many of the limo companies will offer a 2 hour split package for a prom. This means that the kids would have the limo for one hour before the event or dance to pick everyone up and then one hour after the dance to take everyone home.

Another party or prom option is the eight hour package . This would allow for picking up and taking photographs of everyone in the group and taking everyone to dinner at a fancy restaurant or the park for better photographs. Afterwards, this could mean driving the group to after party place.

Prom Graduation Limo ServiceParent's like the idea of a prom or dance night limo because they know their children will be safe and in capable hands. Teenagers are easily distracted, especially when driving with the radio, other passengers talking and sometimes their cell phones. When someone else is driving, the parents know they will arrive safely.

A graduation is another special time in a young person's life that might be celebrated with a limo ride. The limousine could pick up the graduate and their parents, immediate family or a couple friends and take them to the banquet hall  or other auditorium for the ceremony. Once the festivities have been completed, depending on how long a parent has reserved the limo for, the limousine could bring the family and graduate to a nice restaurant for further celebrating or back to their house for a party.

There are many different types of limos available for a prom, dance or graduation that would thrill a teen to ride in. There are the very large Hummer H2 limos which could comfortably seat up to 20 people; the Rolls Royce limos which are more old-fashioned and elegant and then there are stretch SUV limos and limousine  buses which the accommodate up to 32 passengers.