Kingston Limo Service

Nestled in Eastern Ontario, the city of Kingston earned its moniker, Limestone City, owing to the multitude of historic buildings crafted from limestone. Kingston's significance dates back to the 17th century, evolving into a pivotal trading post through European exploration. The establishment of Fort Frontenac in the late 1600s underscored its role in controlling the fur trade. In 1841, Kingston claimed the distinction of being the inaugural capital of the Province of Canada, retaining its strategic military importance. Today, Kingston beckons residents and visitors alike with a myriad of attractions and activities.

Tourism stands as a cornerstone of Kingston's identity, with a plethora of festivals dotting the annual calendar. These include the Limestone City Blues Festival, Kingston WritersFest, Kingston Buskers' Rendezvous, Kingston Canadian Film Festival, Kingston Jazz Festival, Feb Fest, Reelout Film Festival, and Wolfe Island Music Festival. Kingston boasts numerous art galleries and attractions, complemented by diverse music and theatre venues such as The Grand Theatre and The Wellington Street Theatre. The K-Rock Centre, functioning as an entertainment venue and ice rink, hosts various events throughout the year. To explore Kingston's rich tapestry and partake in its vibrant festivals, indulge in our opulent Kingston limo service.

Embarking on a Kingston limo tour is an ideal way for tourists to navigate the area, especially when unfamiliar with the local landscape. Our drivers are unfailingly courteous and professional, ensuring your exploration or special occasion becomes an unforgettable experience.

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