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Exotic Limo ServiceAn Exotic Limo sounds mysterious and romantic and mystical. And it is! A drive in an exotic limo is the drive of a lifetime and can be yours at any time. Our exotic limo service has a fleet of wonderful vehicles that ride like a dream and look heavenly.

Consider a ride in one of our stretch limos. It will seat several people comfortably and will give you a smooth ride to wherever you are going. A stretch limo is a car that has had its chassis extended either by the manufacturer or by an independent company. They also have a lengthened wheel base. These vehicles seat from 12-14 passengers or more.

They are usually found in black or white, and many of ours are used for  transportation of senior political officials. Some are also used by large corporations for the convenience of their senior executives. They can also be armored and the glass can be bulletproofed for times when these added features are necessary.

The Streched Ferrari, by Style Limo of Manchester, England, has brought out the world's longest stretch Ferrari, the F1 360  Limo. This is the most technically advanced Ferrari to this time. It will also be produced in red. This vehicle will soon be entered into the Guinness Book of World Records.

The Phantom Limo, made by Rolls Royce, has the elegant look one would expect from Rolls Royce. There have been several attempts by others companies to manufacture a double for the Phantom, but they have all failed. Order our black Rolls Royce Phantom for your next important event  These Exotic Limos are all chauffeur driven and have a remarkable safety record.

Exotic Limo ServiceThe Excalibur limousine is exotic, elegant, and classic. A four-passenger limo, it comes with a fully-equipped bar (for patrons over the age of twenty-one). This is a hand-made limousine, and a drive in it will make everlasting memories for the passengers.

The Super Stretch Limo is a great option, with its comfortable seating arrangements (often with privacy dividers), bar, and an entertainment center with stereo and a CD player. Our super stretch limousines  are the best and most attractive you can get. Think of a super stretch for your next important event. You will never regret it.

Our School Bus Limo is the perfect vehicle to take your students on field trips, out-of-town sports events and other school trips where safety and comfort are the most important  issues.

Our Firetruck Limos are a real departure from the norm. These limos are actually made from fire engines which have been converted to hold passengers. Think of the great pictures you will be able to take if you decide to rent our firetruck limo for the big day! This is obviously not a traditional vehicle in any sense of the word, and for those wishing to be daring, our firetruck stands ready.