Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ Limo Service

When considering hiring a limousine, numerous questions often arise. Here are some common inquiries:

Can a limo be rented for just an hour?

Yes, our Sedan Limousines are available for a minimum of 1 hour, and our Stretch Limousines have a 2-hour minimum. While the minimum rental is one hour, most clients choose longer durations. For details, costs, and any necessary information, consult our friendly customer service staff.

Can we drink alcohol beverages while driving in a limo?

This depends on factors such as the age of the passengers and the occasion. Generally prohibited in Ontario, drinking in limos is allowed for weddings. However, for all other occasions and services, including club runs, a strict no-alcohol policy is in place to ensure safety during transportation.

Why should we not opt for the cheapest limo service we can find?

Choosing the cheapest limo service may compromise the quality of service and vehicle maintenance. Just as with food or medicine, the lowest cost doesn't always guarantee the best quality. Our service prioritizes top-notch maintenance, skilled chauffeurs, and comfort, ensuring your safety standards are met.

What qualities should I look for in a limousine company?

Examine our brochures and engage with our customer representatives to address all your questions. Our company boasts a fleet of modern, well-maintained cars regularly inspected for issues. Our professional, licensed chauffeurs are trained to provide you with a superior experience.

If I pay in cash, why do you also ask for my credit card?

The credit card is used to secure the reservation and ensure attendance. Upon cash payment, the credit card details are promptly returned to the customer.

Do I need to pay for the limo if the chauffeur is waiting for me?

Yes, the limousine is rented for the full requested time, inclusive of any period the limousine is empty while the chauffeur awaits your needs.

Is smoking allowed in the limousine?

Regrettably, smoking is not permitted in our limousines at any time. This policy respects non-smoking chauffeurs and prevents the accumulation of smoke odor in our smoke-free limousines. If needed, our drivers can arrange a quick pit stop for a smoke break.

While these are the most common questions, our company is always ready to address any additional queries. We take pride in offering an honest and professional limousine service, ensuring your confidence in vehicle maintenance, staff courtesy, and overall customer satisfaction.

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