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High Tech Limousines are a Party on Wheels

High Tech Limo ServiceThe stretch limousine as come a long way from its humble beginnings in 1902, this is when the chauffeur sat on the outside of the vehicle under a little covering. Today's limos are rolling high tech party machines with everything from several flat screen LCD TV's to strobe lighting and wet bars.

Beginning with the entertainment, it's nice when a group of friends are on their way to a concert or sporting event in a stretch limo and they can watch a nice big flat screen television pre-cast of the event. This way, they won't miss any of the special commentary about what they are going to be seeing live. There are typically two or three large, flat screen LCD televisions in the corners of the limo so that everyone can view them. There is also couch seating so it's easier to sit and see the television and each other while being driven to the special event.  

There is a great stereo surround sound system in many of the limousines. This means no matter what seat one is sitting in, they will be able to enjoy the great tunes with excellent clarity. Passengers can rock-out to their favorite group or singer on their way to their concert and know that they are not going to have to wait in a long line for parking or entrance to the venue.

High Tech Limo ServiceAdditionally, in many of the high tech limos there is fiber optic lighting which is basically an accent or mood lighting. There are rows of lighting along the edges of the floor where the wall and the floor meet in the large limo area where passengers can sit or get up and dance. The lighting ropes help to light the way and give a great ambience to the interior. These lights can be dimmed for a more romantic evening or turned up for a more party atmosphere.  

What is great about all of the technological gadgetry in the high tech limos is that there is a touch screen control panel that allows passengers to direct what they want to happen with the lighting, televisions and music. The 'show' is in their hands and they can change the mood to whatever suits them for the evening's event.

One of the technological advancements that the passengers do not see is the GPS navigation system that the driver of the vehicle will be using to make sure they get the party to the right venue at the right time. The GPS tracking system could also show the chauffeur a quicker or easier way to the attraction with less traffic. In addition the owner or the office of the limousine company will have a satellite tracking system so that they will know where their limo, chauffer and passengers are at all times. If they think of a better path for the driver to take, they could always radio them and offer them the information.