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Picking The Best Limo Manufacturer

There are many limo manufacturers out there these days, and  picking the best is a personal issue. Things to take into consideration are: the length of time the company has been in business; the safety record of their vehicles; the appearance and interiors of the limos. Following are three limo manufacturing companies that are well known and respected in the business.

Krystal Coach has been in business since 1993, and has an excellent reputation for safety. They produce over 2,000 vehicles each year at their factory in Brea , California . They are the largest builder of stretch limos, and their line includes custom-built limos; shuttle buses; motor homes; hearses, and security vehicles.

Their cars undergo strict safety tests conducted by Karco, an independent organization situated near Los Angeles . The tests include a crash test of the new Lincoln limo immediately after leaving the assembly line. The cars passed every test and met the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards in all aspects of limo safety. This company began as a body shop in 1976, and has since expanded to a massive production line.

Executive Coach Builders is the second largest limo manufacturer in the world. From its 100,000 square foot facility in Springfield , Missouri , it produces over 600 new limos each year. A progressive designing company, Executive Coach builders received the QVM (qualified vehicle modifier) award from the Ford Motor Company.

Some of the vehicles built by Executive are the Navigator FX; Expedition Icon; Accolade; President; Grand; CLS; Fantasy III; the Ford Diplomat, and the Hummer Taboo, Evolution and Icon.

Royale Limo Builders is a Cabot Coach Builder company, situated in Haverhill , Massachusetts . Founded in 1983 in Florida , within two years they had expanded so much that they needed to move to the larger facility in Haverhill . In 2004, the company was named Europe's Builder of the Year; in 2009 they developed the first Hybrid Electric Livery Vehicle, and in 2010 their Hybrid L received two US patent approvals.

The cars that Royale Limo Builders produce include Mobile Office and Custom Vehicles; Cadillac Limousines; Lincoln Limousines; SUV Limos; Limo Buses; Mini Coaches and Vans, and Prestige Limos.

In picking the best limousine manufacturer many issues need to be addressed. They include safety features and interior comfort and luxury, outward appearance of the vehicles, and other personal preferences. Vehicles come in many different designs and colours and all have different features for their customers such as back seat bars,

and television sets, and pull-out trays for convenience in eating or working on business papers.

The three companies described here are all top- flight manufacturers and have impeccable records. They produce government certified limos and adhere to the latest guidelines put forth by the license bureaus. Their reputation is at stake, and they will not do anything that would  jeopardize their record of good standing in the eyes of the public.

They all offer style, comfort, luxury, safety, as well as many other requested features in their custom-made limos.