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No Smoking in Limousines

No Smoking Limo ServiceThese days everyone is aware of the fact that smoking is one of the prime causes of cancer. Yet there are still many people who smoke and wish to smoke while in a car. The problem with smoking in a limousine is that is almost impossible to clear the air after and the next passengers would be assaulted by cigarette, cigar, or pipe smoke.

We keep our Limosfresh and clean-smelling, and we do this by never allowing smoking in any of our cars. Clean air in a limo is one of the first things passengers want and we do all in our power to see that this is the case. Constant cleaning of cars ensures a spotless and comfortable vehicle.

If you have ever had a ride in a limousine that allowed smoking, you would know the difference right away between that vehicle and any of our fleet vehicles. We enforce the no smoking rule in all of our limos at all times, as the comfort, safety, and health of our passengers is of great importance to us as a proud limo company.

Tobacco smoke gets into the fabric on the seats of a car and can never be completely removed. Even one cigarette can do damage to the interior of the cars as far as a lingering odour is concerned; therefore one of our real concerns is second-hand smoke being inhaled by children. That would never happen in any of our spanking clean limos.

No Smoking Limo ServiceMany people like to smoke cigars, and if that were to happen in a limousine, the air could never be cleaned. Tobacco smoke gets into the seat fabric, the walls of the vehicle, and flooring. At the present time there is no law to prohibit smoking in cars, but we are not waiting for a law to be passed...our fleet of sleek limos is completely non smoking.

Imagine ordering a limo for a very special occasion, such as a wedding or banquet. Upon getting into the car the overwhelming stench of tobacco smoke envelops you and for the rest of the evening you will carry that odour on your person. The whole evening will be ruined for you and for anyone who comes into contact with you. Taking one of our ultra-clean and Smoke Free Limos will solve that problem from the start.

Ordering one of our limos for that special occasion will give you peace of mind. There will not be a trace of tobacco smoke in the vehicle, and you can breathe easy knowing that you are taking in clean air. Your clothes will not have that stale tobacco odour, and you will go to your event relaxed after having had a safe, smoke-free ride.