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Oakville Limo Service. Special Occasion Outings, Day or Night.

When visiting Oakville , a couple or group of friends might like to consider renting an Oakville Limo Service to take them around town. A limo service would know where all the hot spots are for a great evening out and no one would have to drive their own car, gas it up or stop for directions.  

There is a special place, approximately 12 block North and South in the downtown Oakville area in which a chauffeur driven limousine could bring a couple, friends or young people in order to shop, dine, see a show or any number of other activities. This area is known as Oakville 's premiere shopping, gallery, dinning and high fashion district. It's called Oakville Downtown on Lakeshore Road . Their slogan is "Do it Downtown" and they really mean there is just about everything available to do, see and experience in this upscale area.

Planning a day trip of shopping Downtown for someone's birthday, a wedding anniversary, to celebrate an upcoming wedding or birth of a baby instead of the typical shower is a great idea and having a limo pick everyone up and drive them around town is even better. It is hard to coordinate several minivans' full of people to follow one another to a restaurant and then to the shops so a limo would solve that problem and if some of the guests want to have a glass of wine with their meal, there will be no worries about driving home.

Then after a day full of shopping on Lakeshore Road , the limo and driver could pick up a happy couple or group of friends and take them out either dancing or to a nice restaurant for a nightcap and dessert. One of the cities newest exciting night spots is the Berlin Night Club. This is a throwback to the olden days where nightclubs were luxurious and rich with sounds, the tables filled with people having a good time as is the dance floor. This is a place to see people and be seen. It would be ideal setting to have a limo pull up to drop of a couple or several friends and then have the chauffeur pick them up at the end of the evening.

Another time a limo would be nice for a trip to Oakville is for the British Car Day celebration. This day is held each autumn and pays homage to the different British cars people love and drive all over the region and beyond. Taking a limo to this yearly event would bring peace and enjoyment to the people who don't have to fight traffic, look for a parking spot or pay for gas.

The Glen Abbey Golf Course and PGA Tour would also be idea, for men and women, but especially for a groom's bachelor party, to travel in a limo. After several rounds of golf in the summer sun, it would be nice to have someone else worry about the driving to someplace like the Dirty Martini Night Club to meet up with the bride and her party.