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Ontario Limousine Owners Association.

The Ontario Limousine Owners Association or O.L.O.A. was organized in 1996 in order to give local limo owners, drivers and other workers in the industry a voice that was unified when approaching law makers, politicians and agencies which have something to do with regulatory issues.

The O.L.O.A. requires that their members operate their company in a manor that is credible and brings the industry standards to their limo business. The O.L.O.A. operates a website that offers advice to consumers searching for a limo for their special event and advises them on how to avoid being scammed by limo brokers that might not even own a vehicle in the Ontario area.    

In addition, the website has a 'Recommended Rates' webpage that is broken down by vehicle type and size. This tells a potential customer what the rates should be so they may check to see if the limo company they are considering for their event is within the standard price range set forth by the O.L.O.A. For example, if a couple wants to rent a six passenger stretch limo for their wedding, in the Ontario area it should cost approximately $350-$475 for 3 hours in the wedding packages. This may seem like a big difference in price, but this allows for the individual limo companies to be competitive while maintaining a price range that is not outrageously expensive.

As a member of the O.L.O.A., limousine owners will be featured on the member's pages with the name of their business, links to their website, phone number and other contact information for consumers to use. When a limo company joins the Ontario Limousine Owners Association, they will be part of an organization that cares about their clients from their satisfaction to their safety. People who visit the member's link website will know that these companies care enough because they are part of the organization that requires their members to maintain standards and that is what consumers want.

One of the better benefits of membership will be 10 % discount of limousine insurance.

Members with the O.L.O.A. have the backing and protection of the association incase they need help with important questions or when problems arise, the members know where to turn for important information. There is a monthly newsletter that offers different opinions and up-to-date data on what is new in the world of limousines and special event transportation.

In addition to the newsletter, there is a forum in which limo owners and others can post questions or concerns for others in the industry to answer or offer their advice. There might be someone who has run into the same situation or issue that a member is writing about on the forums and could offer their option or advice. Everyone is here to help each other for the purpose of making limo ownership a great business for all those involved.