Stretch SUV Limo for all Special Occasions

Planning a special occasion, such as a wedding, anniversary, prom, dance, or concert? Elevate the experience by opting for a stretch SUV limo. Stretch SUV limousines provide the desired luxury with extra headroom and legroom, accommodating more passengers than a standard limo.

Various impressive SUV limos are available, and as the cost of renting traditional limos decreases, the size of other limos continues to grow. Some may argue that for an impressive event, bigger is better. Limousine companies offer options like the Escalade, Expedition, Excursion, and the grand Hummer H2, the most impressive of them all.

The concept behind a stretch SUV limo revolves around size — more headroom, more legroom, and an overall larger space to foster a party atmosphere. Ideal for weddings, it allows the entire wedding party, groomsmen, bridesmaids, and the couple, to travel together. The largest SUV limos can accommodate up to 28 passengers, compared to a regular limo seating 8 to 12 and a Hummer limo seating up to 20.

Most stretch SUV limos double as rolling parties or mobile clubs, featuring flat-screen TVs, DVD and CD players, strobe, LED, neon, AUX and laser lighting, and multiple beverage bars. The impressive sound systems add to the excitement, setting the mood before reaching the destination.

These traveling parties are perfect for bachelor or bachelorette parties, pub crawls, concerts, sporting events, weddings, proms, or any lively celebration. However, for corporate events, where a more understated image is preferable, a Lincoln Town Car or Cadillac Escalade SUV would be more suitable.

While a stretch SUV limo may come with a slightly higher price tag than a regular stretch limo, its ability to accommodate more passengers makes it a cost-effective option when splitting the expenses among friends. Cruising through city streets, enjoying the party atmosphere before reaching the concert, sporting event, or special outing, ensures a memorable experience. For a bachelor or bachelorette, being the center of attention in a stretch SUV limo guarantees the time of their lives.

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