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Custom Wedding Limousine Packages

Custom Wedding Limo Service Are you looking for a way to arrive in style along with your bridal party to your wedding ceremony? When looking for a perfect way to make your exit when you have exchanged your vows, why not make it classy? Our wedding limo services will ensure that you have an exquisite day along with a prompt delivery to the site of your wedding ceremony, a lavish trip to your reception site, or a romantic getaway to the start of your honeymoon in one of our classy fleet of top quality limousines.

Our wedding limo services are exceptional and we tailor to three different wedding limo service packages. We even have room in our limousines for the ladies princess ball gowns! You will receive the royal treatment on your special day and without the worry of transportation while relaxing yourself in between events with our special and elegant wedding limousine service.

We offer three different wedding limousine service packages, Silver, Gold, and Diamond.

Silver Wedding Limo Package

Our Silver Package consists of five hours of wedding limo service. You will be served soft drinks and chilled champagne will await you for a toast to your special occasion. Also included in the wedding limo service is a decorated limousine complete with ribbons, bows and a "Just Married" sign. At your venue, you will receive red carpet service complete with a presentation by a chauffeur fully dressed in a tuxedo, hat and white gloves.

Gold Wedding Limo Package

Our Gold Package wedding limo service includes six hours total of service including five hours of consecutive service and a late night pick-up after the dining and dancing of your reception. You will also be served soft drinks with chilled champagne awaiting you. We also include in this wedding service package, a decorated limousine with ribbons, bows and a "Just Married" sign. A chauffeur dressed in a tuxedo, hat and white gloves will present you at your wedding venue.

Diamond Wedding Limo Package

Our top of the line wedding limo service package, the Diamond Package, includes a full 12 hours of service with late night pick up following your reception, soft drinks, and chilled champagne. Our wedding limo services also include a decorated limousine with a "Just Married" sign, ribbons and bows. Our tuxedo-clad chauffeur will escort you to your wedding venue complete with his hat and white gloves.

Our wedding limo services are prompt, brilliant, and aimed at catering to you on your enchanting day, offering you the latest in modern elegant travel. What other wedding limo service offers that kind of treatment?

Contact us for additional information and a price quote so we can book one of these top of the line wedding limo service packages for your memorable day. Be sure to book well in advance because the most exquisite day of your life deserves the most exquisite ride.