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Woodbridge Limo Service

Once an independent town, Woodbridge has amalgamated with other surrounding communities to form the city of Vaughan . The population of Vaughan is approximately 240,000, and is growing rapidly. Living in the Vaughan area gives easy access to the Greater Toronto region and much travelling is done between the two cities.

Our Limo Service in Woodbridge is top rated, and we have a modern fleet of sleek vehicles and a staff of licensed, courteous limo chauffeurs. We do the airport run ( Toronto Pearson International Airport ), several times a day, and see to it that our passengers get there on time, no matter what the traffic conditions.

Woodbridge and surrounding areas attract many people to the Boyd Conservation Area; the Canadian Soccer Hall of Fame; the McMichael Canadian Art Gallery; the Vaughan Mills Shopping Mall and last, but certainly not least, Canada's Wonderland.

Imagine going for a day of shopping at the Vaughan Mills Shopping Mall, with all the walking and hustling about that would entail, and coming out tired and stressed to find your very own limousine waiting to take you home in style and comfort. By the time you arrived home you would be rested and de stressed.

Canada's Wonderland is known throughout the country as one of the most amazing entertainment parks. A topical park, some of the themes are Zoom Zoom, Kidzilla, Nickelodeon Central, White Water Canyon, and Action Zone. People from all over Canada and the United States come to visit this wonderful theme park. And with the people come the cars and traffic problems. For the finest and most up-to-date cars, call our Woodbridge Limo Service. We will be happy to serve all your driving needs while visiting Canada 's Wonderland.

For a day of pure leisure, hire one of our limos for a few hours' drive in the country around Woodbridge . Our drivers know the most picturesque routes to take, and your visitors would love to explore the surrounding countryside. We don't often get the chance to relax and enjoy the lovely scenery when we have to drive to the airport, or to an out-of-town place. There is much to see in the general Woodbridge area and what better way then through the windows of one of our clean and comfortable limos.

The Canadian Soccer Hall of Fame is a very interesting place to visit for sports fans, and it attracts people from all over the country. Along with Canada 's Wonderland, the area can be certain of filled hotel and motel rooms, crowded restaurants and stores, and more than the usual traffic. Trust our licensed limo chauffeurs to get you to your destination safely and on time when the area is over crowded with visitors.

Canada's Wonderland alone is host to 3,000,000 people each season, which gives a good idea of just how crowded it can get around the Woodbridge-Vaughan area. A reservation is suggested if you wish to have one of our limos for a certain time or day. Just call ahead and your car will be ready.